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After the pandemic, a bright future lays ahead

Erasmus Roterodamus beliefs paved a new way in the Renaissance era in which cultural movements related to academic and sociocultural formation, like the creation of the first universities, became a turning point in the development of European society. Nowadays, that work is still visible in one of the most famous international student exchange programs that takes the name of the philosopher. Not only was the ancient idea a revolutionary one, it also gave way to a new mindset that has been developed throughout the time until what we know these days. 

I’m referring to the beginnings of this movement, now leaded by young and talented people mostly, because the main aim was to transform Europe in an epicenter of wisdom, progress, creation and innovation; thus, a constant reconversion of the roots to make a better world society. This can only be done by people who are still willing to work for that goal, even in the darkest times, ones that ask for toughness and determination, for solidarity and kindness, unknown times like the one we are living at a global scale. 

This is the case of Koke, Amparo and Esther, three young students benefitting form the K103 Erasmus+ Program, who are fighting for their dreams in these pandemic days in Germany and the Netherlands. When they started this journey, no one was aware of what was coming ahead, and when the time to make an effort came, they did it twice. Taking the charitable values of Escuela Profesional Xavier and the huge knowledge acquired since they arrived to their destinations, all three of them have been able to contribute to the functioning of their workstation while helping in anything they could in their host families, friends or neighbors during this epidemy. There’s a need to highlight another level of self-development, in which they are growing as self-sufficient people away from their families in a context they have never believed they would live, a transformative mindset that exceeds frontiers, cultures and social establishments. 

They are another seed helping to overcome an extraordinary situation, another progress made in the name of one of the most ground-breaking thinkers in the European history. A bright future waiting to give the best to all.

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